[SkepTech 2013] Brendan Murphy – The Neuropsychology of Quitting

Notes from The Neuropsychology of Quitting by Brendan Murphy: Short talk on depression and and scientific description of suicide. Quitting is something that everyone has considered at one point. Quitting is frowned upon by society People who stick to unattainable goals have high cortisol levels and higher physiological stress levels. Goal management is required to… read more »

[SkepTech 2013] Stephanie Zvan – The Use and Abuse of Psychometrics

Talk by Stephanie Zvan on how society misuses the science of psychometry in the medical industry. Notes: Tests for diagnostics should give consistent results time and time again and should not vary depending on the mood of the subject. E.g. some tests produce anxiety in the subject on first examination but anxiety levels drops on… read more »

[SkepTech 2013] PZ Myers – Transhumanist Fantasies, Biological Realities

Evolutionary Biology professor & Pharyngula blogger PZ Myers offered several arguments against claims frequently made by transhumanists, rooted in the study of biology. *Transhumanism reads so much like science fiction Comic book explanation of transhumanism: Transhumanism is the expression that refers to the evolutionary progression from human to posthuman. Transhumanism is philosophies of life that… read more »