Skeptech has panels!

Unfortunately, we don’t have solar panels to power our conference yet. But our panelists are pretty bright… Skeptech’s panels are not just time-filler – they are sharp, interesting, occasionally divisive, sometimes rowdy discussions between our speakers, community members, and students. Don’t miss them. Check out the titles and topics at the bottom of this page.

Skeptech gaming fundraiser!

On Saturday, March 22nd, from 11am-11pm, Skeptech organizers will be hosting a gaming fundraiser, complete with many special guests! What does this mean? Hang out with the Skeptech crew, and the likes of Rebecca Watson, Jason Thibeault, Surly Amy, and others! Force us to play horribly difficult games like Super Meat Boy & Amnesia by… read more »

Skeptech Speaker Week: The Reckoning

Today is the last day of Skeptech Speaker Week! The gods of science, reason, and lollipops have decided that upon this day, four more names shall be released. And it was good. No, but seriously, our 2014 lineup is kickass. Help us welcome them and make this year a success! Bethany Brookshire (Scicurious) Bethany Brookshire… read more »

Skeptech Speaker Week, Part 3

Let’s reveal more speakers, shall we? Yes. Yes we shall, until there are no more. Kate Greene San Francisco-based author and journalist, Kate Greene, writes about topics that range from laser physics and artificial intelligence to heart transplants and human spaceflight. Her work has appeared in Discover magazine, The Economist, the New Yorker Elements blog,… read more »

And on the second day…

It’s day two of Skeptech Speaker Week! Day two, day two, whatever shall we do? Release two more speakers of course! And these two are particularly cool. Honestly we’re kind of intimidated. By ourselves, I mean. Are you sure you’re ready for how cool Skeptech 2 is going to be? Ian Cromwell Ian Cromwell (MSc)… read more »

Welcome to Skeptech Speaker Week!

Welcome to Skeptech Speaker Week! We were recently informed that conferences typically have speakers. We were flabbergasted! … Just kidding. We have the most rockin’ lineup of speakers we’ve ever had. Some of that’s because Chelsea, our co-head, is a very convincing person, and some of that’s due to straight up cash money. Either way,… read more »

Skeptech 2 Indiegogo fundraiser is now live!

Skeptech 2 is two months away, and we have financing goals to meet! Go here to review your donation options (Indiegogo – with fantastic awards, paypal, and ye ole-fashion’d check). Thank you!

Get your own personal portrait by Zach Weinersmith!

In order to help make Skeptech 2 AWESOME, we’re auctioning off 1 personal portrait by cartoonist Zach Weinersmith. The ebay auction* is below, and a message from the Skeptech team follows. *AUCTION ENDS FRIDAY 11/1 1:30PM CDT. We don’t ask for a lot, the organizers of the SkepTech conference. We’re people of simple needs; food,… read more »