Skeptech gaming fundraiser!

On Saturday, March 22nd, from 11am-11pm, Skeptech organizers will be hosting a gaming fundraiser, complete with many special guests!

What does this mean?

Hang out with the Skeptech crew, and the likes of Rebecca Watson, Jason Thibeault, Surly Amy, and others! Force us to play horribly difficult games like Super Meat Boy & Amnesia by donating! Play Bomber Man with us!

On the 22nd, this page will be outfitted with a Google Hangout, Twitch Stream & Chat, and an easy way to donate to the Skeptech conference (paypal).

Here are some initial incentives (more will be added):

  • $5 to be a member of our Organ Trail team.
  • At $200, we’ll buy Super Meat Boy and fail horribly.
  • At $1000, we’ll buy Amnesia, and play it at full-volume in the dark. You’ll be able to watch our horror on the hangout.

We hope you’ll join us! Stay tuned for a rough schedule of what we’ll be playing, who will be joining us, and when.


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