[SkepTech 2013] Brendan Murphy – The Neuropsychology of Quitting

Notes from The Neuropsychology of Quitting by Brendan Murphy:

  • Short talk on depression and and scientific description of suicide.
  • Quitting is something that everyone has considered at one point.
  • Quitting is frowned upon by society
  • People who stick to unattainable goals have high cortisol levels and higher physiological stress levels.
  • Goal management is required to steer towards you goals through the path of least resistance, disengagement and re-engagement helps reflect your goals and desired outcomes and leads to reduced stress levels.
  • Goal regulation deficits are a major contributor to suicidal thoughts.
  • Reasons behind why people don’t quit when they should: invested time and money into a pursuit.
  • Abandon sunk costs, focus on opportunity cost of a goal, present investment, future potential gains.




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