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Where to Stay


Where to Stay

The official recommended hotel for SkepTech is the Hotel Minneapolis Metrodome, located at 1500 Washington Ave S., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454 (see map immediately below).

Other recommended places to stay:

  • The Commons Hotel, 615 Washington Avenue Southeast
    Minneapolis, MN 55414, on the east bank of UMN.
  • Days Inn Hotel, 2407 Southeast University Avenue
    Minneapolis, MN 55414, on the east bank of UMN.

Getting to Willey Hall

Maps of the East and West Bank Campuses of the University are easily viewed here, with information specific to Willey Hall here.

metrotransitWant to bus to your destination? Visit for more information.


$1.75 during non-rush-hours

$2.25 during rush-hours (6:00am-9:00am; 3:00pm-6:30pm M-F)

Bus tickets are good for 2.5 hours on any MetroTransit system including:

  • Buses
  • Light Rail
  • Northstar Rail

Walking from the Hotel Minneapolis Metrodome to Willey Hall

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Walking to the conference from the hotel is very easy! Just head East on Washington Ave S. until you get to the Walter F. Mondale Law School. Walk around the North side of that building, and you will arrive at Willey Hall.

Restaurants and Bars on the West Bank


Local food around West Bank:

  • Town Hall Brewery Bar and Restaurant 1430 Washington Ave S
  • Jewel of India Restaurant 1427 Washington Ave S
  • Corner Bar 1501 Washington Ave S
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill 229 Cedar Ave S.
  • The Republic Bar 221 Cedar Ave
  • Quiznos Subs 1851 Washington Ave SE
  • The Holiday Inn Grill Room Restaurant and Bar 1500 Washington Ave S
  • Bullwinkle’s Saloon 1429 Washington Ave S

Local food within close walking distance:

  • Red Sea Restaurant and Bar 320 Cedar Ave
  • Keefer Food Court 326 Cedar Ave
  • West Bank Diner 324 Cedar Ave
  • Acadia Café 329 Cedar Ave,
  • Mapps Coffe & Tea 1810 Riverside Ave
  • The Wienery 414 Cedar Ave
  • Hard Times Café 1821 Riverside Ave.
  • Lucky Dragon Chinese Food 1827 Riverside Ave.
  • Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches 2037 Riverside Ave

Parking on West Bank



  • All meters are $2.50 per hour for a maximum of two hours
  • All-day parking lots are available for $4.00. You must re-pay if you exit and return.
  • Parking ramps operate on a sliding rate scale
    • 0-1 Hours $3.00
    • 1-2 Hours $6.00
    • 2-3 Hours $7.00
    • 3-4 Hours $8.00
    • 4-5 Hours $9.00
    • 5-6 Hours $10.00
    • 6-7 Hours $11.00
    • Daily Maximum $12.00

Parking too expensive? There is free street parking available within busing distance of West Bank.

PLEASE NOTE: Parking enforcement is extremely strict in Minneapolis. Unsure if you can park in a spot? Play it safe and park somewhere else.

Other useful places (21+)

SkepTech wants everyone to feel welcome, so we have suggested a few public places for celebrating once the conference is done for the day that are open to all sorts of people. Please note: SkepTech is run by student groups, which means any after-celebrations are not officially endorsed by the conference, its sponsors, or organizers.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 21 – These places are both 21+. Please be smart and don’t break the law. There’s plenty to do in Minneapolis that is open to all ages.

  • The Gay 90’s (408 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55401)


This dance club is a fun experience for people of all orientations. Check out for more info.

  • Ground Zero Night Club (15 4th St NE., Minneapolis, MN 55413)

Ground ZeroThis dance club is centered around people who like to explore their kinky side, with BDSM & burlesque shows and a dance floor.


This post currently has 4 responses

  • “Parking too expensive? There is free street parking available within busing distance of West Bank.”

    Some details – even a link to further info – would be useful.

  • Hi Secret Agent Girl,

    Unfortunately, there’s no clear map or link to where the free parking is. However, if you drive around the area you’ll see people parked on the streets. If you can’t see a meter or parking spot number, chances are it’s free.

    The one area of free parking I know of for sure is along Bus Route 2 near the university (this includes 8th St SE and the surrounding streets. If you take Route 2 Westbound from 8th St, it will drop you off directly at Wiley Hall (about a 10 minute bus ride)

  • Okay. I s’pose the city has a vested interest in not making such spots known. BTW, did you mean to be ironic by using bus routes to describe free parking for cars? ;-)

    • Not at all. All the free parking near the University is also within walking distance, assuming you’re willing to walk about a mile. Since most people aren’t willing to walk that distance and since Minnesota weather is unpredictable, we include the bus route info. :)

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